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    Welcome to International Baseball -- the comprehensive website dedicated to helping bridge baseball organizations around the world!  

    Our ambition is to remain the world's primary focal point and resource for international organizations, teams, and tournaments -- plus any and all interesting and unique international baseball information.

    International Baseball is an information repository, linking together activities and organizations from Europe, North America, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Far East, Asia and the Pacific.  

    If your organization, or team, is not currently represented on our site, please send us the information and we'll quickly add you to these pages. 

    We also encourage updates, corrections, modifications and dead link reports in order to keep International Baseball as accurate and up-to-date as possible.  

    Of special interest is a short history of how baseball started in your country that we would like to begin adding to the web pages of each country.

    Thanks for your help and support!  Our continued best in your international baseball endeavors.

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