Iran Baseball




Baseball Federation of Iran
PO Box 15815-1881
Tehran 15815, Iran

Phone: 98-21 837813 / 98-21 882-4014
Fax: 98-21 834333 / 98-21 882-4014



    Iran currently has 10 baseball teams and will have a website up soon.  They hold two annual championship with the first in August and the second in February. The recent Iranian national champion teams were:


2002: Tehran

2001: Tehran

2000: Tehran

1999: Tehran

1998: Tehran

1997: Tehran

1996: Kerman


    The Baseball Federation of Iran was founded in 1992.  The executive body of the Federation is as follows:


President: Dr. Mohammad .B Zolfagharian

Vice president: General Fatolahh Heidari Jam

General Secretary: Mohammad .R Kashani

Director of public relation: Abbas Nedaee

National Team Manager: Mehrdad Hajian


Iranian Baseball may be contacted at .

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